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About Us

Who We Are

Meet Our Expert Team: Driving B2B Excellence Worldwide

  • Accomplished leaders in demand generation, sales, pre-sales, and product analysis with a track record of success.
  • Over 15 years of collective experience navigating complexities in global B2B sales.
  • Diverse skill set for a comprehensive approach, integrating demand generation, sales strategy, pre-sales support, and product analysis.
  • Adapting to industry dynamics for cutting-edge solutions tailored to unique challenges.
  • An industry-strong pack thriving on challenges, consistently achieving and surpassing business goals with dedication and proficiency.

Why Choose Us for Revenue Generation?

Embrace our tailored solutions and expertise, offering a seamless, effective, and partnership-driven approach to unlock and maximize your revenue potential.

Pioneers in the Market

We are the first revenue-as-a-generation service company, leading the way in innovative solutions.

Comprehensive End-to-End Sales Process

From product analysis and market fit to go-to-market strategies, demand generation and closure. We handle every step of the sales journey.

Global Expertise

With experience across the entire global market, we bring a wealth of knowledge to optimize your revenue generation efforts.

Strategic Partnership Approach

We work as your strategic partner, not just a vendor, sharing the responsibility of generating annual revenue for our clients.

How GroAR Works?

Grow your Annual Revenue is a Revenue-as-a-Service firm that focuses on driving your revenue with hassle-free, proven methodologies. We have an overall experience of over a decade working with clients across the globe.

  • 1

    Product & Market Analysis

  • 2

    GTM Strategy, Quarterly Commitments & Change Management

  • 3

    Prospecting & Demand Generation

  • 4

    Initial Screen and Probe

  • 5

    Client Onboarding

  • 6

    Proposal/Contract Negotiation & Closure

  • 7

    Product Demo and Setting Up Expectations

How is GroAR different?


Revenue-focused approach

GroAR is the only Revenue-As-A-Service company that focuses on realized revenue as the output.

Integrate into your internal team

We will study your product, marketing materials and effectively become an extension of your internal team.

Provide a human touch

Every SDR at GroAR goes the extra mile for the client and every client’s client keeping at par with success qualifiers relevant to your business.

Open communication

Create a straightforward channel of communication for setbacks, wins, roadmaps and more.

Other Companies

Appointment-focused approach

Focus primarily on scheduling discovery calls and act as an extended lead generation wing of your company.

Maintain client-vendor distance

Do not understand the depths of your business and the story behind your product.

Run behind automation to schedule more appointments

Bring in leads without vetting their intent and thus spending more time per lead reducing the overall output.

Defensive communication

Block communication about problems and setbacks and only communicating promises instead of showcasing results.

A1: We offer cross-functional expertise, seamlessly integrating demand generation, sales strategy, pre-sales support, and in-depth product analysis to ensure a dynamic and unmatched goal attainment, consistently surpassing business objectives.

A2: Absolutely, our team is thoughtfully crafted as a dedicated group of demand generators and closers, customized for your project. Prior to deployment, we conduct a thorough analysis of your product complexity, current processes, and market focus, culminating in a comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy. Rest assured, our leadership team offers unwavering guidance throughout the entire revenue generation process.

A3: Absolutely, we seamlessly integrate with your current sales team. If you already have a robust presence in a specific geographical market, our expertise can assist in expanding into new markets or exploring additional verticals within your current market.



What Our Clients Say

Choosing GroAR as our strategic partner transformed our approach to enter new geographical markets & sales cycle with our ArkCase case management product. Their overall team exhibited an unparalleled understanding of our product without delaying much of time, streamlining our prospecting and pipelining process with remarkable speed. The implementation was not only quick but also highly effective. We're thrilled with the outcomes and look forward to continuing our partnership, confident in the sustained growth and success it will bring”.

Ray Azarm - VP of Sales ArkCase

In the competitive landscape of B2B SaaS, GroAR stood out as a true partner. Their thorough product analysis set the stage for a robust Go-To-Market strategy that demonstrated their strength in navigating complex markets. The dedicated sales process was nothing short of seamless, achieving closures faster than we thought possible. GroAR's expertise has not only accelerated our sales but has also fortified our confidence in their capabilities. Choosing GroAR was a strategic win for our business.

Reza Safarnejad, CEO. 2nd Logic

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